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 The World of Terca

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PostSubject: The World of Terca   Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:22 pm

Summary section--

Terca is roughly the size of Jupiter, and with 3.7x the gravitational force of our Earth. It is mostly covered in crystal, ice, and water. To be more exact, roughly 67% of the planet is covered by water, 4% by crystal, 10% by aether, 7% by land and 12% by ice. Four of the 79 continents are realms of ice, crystal and aether. 37 of them are floating continents in the sky, while 14 are floating atop the sea. 6 can be found underwater, while most can be found above the sea.

Most cities and town that still stand are protected by a giant crystal that creates a barrier against miasma.

Terminology --

World Map----

Frozen Plains of Ghjenuveffa Tear's

Aleria's Spine - A mountainous region. Once considered impassible and suicidal to attempt, the mountains surround the Deathlands of Adalbertu, the God of Death. Temperatures reach absolute zero at the peaks, and few can survive. The mountains are mostly non-traversable due to the weather rapidly changing and poor footing. Only merchants and scholars have been known to pass through these mountains with good fortune.

Lake of the Mother Crystal - Cecilia's resting place inside the Grande Crystalia. A massive lake the size of Africa, which has never been fully explored. It was here that Cecillia fell from the sky, and into the lake. Soon after an enormous crystal tower shot towards the sky from the center, reaching for the heavens above. Above this tower exists a sky isle that serves as the Land of Sylva, the last safe land from the miasma.

The Abyss - Where the meteorite sleeps. The place where all miasma seeps from. The blight and curse upon this world. An unbiased, careless, absolute death. The Abyss is a long forgotten place in the world. Few who have reached it, ever returned to tell the tale. The insanity of visiting this place is grounds for execution in nearly every part of the world. This place is the origin of the poison killing the world and draining its life. The very poison that slaughters the gods and commits mass genocide with no goal other than the absolute death of all life.

The Abyss is the where the the black crystal meteorite crashed. No one remembers how long it has been since the world was free of miasma, but few claim to know. The Abyss lies passed the Miasma Stream of the Ultimate Element. Only those who have found the the Spring of Ghjenuveffa and blessed their chalice with her element may pass through this stream. Passing through with any other, grants a slow and painful, diseased and excruciating death.

The Abyss hosts no life that is not born of Miasma. Beasts and monsters of the vilest kind survive here, and prey on any foolish enough to wander. Black crystals are scattered across the abyss, and when a crystal that repels comes close, it instantly taints it and those within its protection feel every effect of miasma imaginable. The only hope is to break the crystal that corrupted it nearby. However, only one has survived this place.

Miasma Streams - The rivers of miasma that cover our world. The Miasma Streams are what keeps the miasma covering out world. they are much akin to the winds of the world, blowing miasma across the globe and poisoning the world.

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The World of Terca
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